Welcome to Track My Backpack!

Ever found yourself in a panic, searching for your keys, bag, or other personal items? We’ve all been there. That’s why we’ve created Track My Backpack – a simple, yet effective solution to help you reunite with your lost items.


Our unique keychains and tags are equipped with QR codes, turning your everyday items into smart, traceable belongings. Whether it’s your adventurous backpack or your elusive set of keys, our tags are here to bring them back to you.


The trackmybackpack.com keychains and tags do not have tracking capabilities, meaning that you cannot use them to track the location of your lost items in real-time. Instead, the service relies on the honesty and goodwill of the person who finds the lost item to scan the QR code and send a message to the owner. This facilitates the return of the lost item.

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